Vaporfi Coupon Codes 2017

Many online vape providers give off a somewhat questionable vibe regarding their dedication to the vapers they supply. It’s understood that any store (online or otherwise, vape-related or otherwise) is a business, thus desiring a payoff and profit for their work, time and products. However, not every business is built upon overpriced products, or the ignorance of their potential customers.

Vaporfi Coupon Codes, Discounts and Deals For 2017

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Vaporfi LogoIs Vaporfi A Vaper’s Brand?

Often in the vaporizer industry there are money-making schemes, and there are community-focused shops by vapers, for vapers.

It is not hard to tell which is which. The shop for vapers will offer competitive pricing, keep up to date with the top of the line products, will offer some form of discount or loyalty program to consistently reward their customers (while keep them coming back to fuel the business aspect) and will specialize in what the masses benefit most from.

These shops (when local) usually do not sell e-cigarettes, as e-cigarettes have been proven time and time again to be inferior to other vaporizers and often do not satisfy the cravings, nor do they help to move away from the need to smoke a real cigarette.

Even online, the most vaper-oriented stores will forgo the e-cigarettes in favor of eGo batteries for their beginner customers or mods for their veterans. The money-making schemes are equally obvious, often selling anything that smokers will try to get away from smoking, regardless of cost and result.

The prices of anything that may actually help smokers quit will be extremely unreasonable, making it harder to justify skipping the less-effective methods in favor of spending more.

Even when the more expensive vape options are purchased, unless the very top of the line item in the selection is chosen, there is still a good chance that the most expensive item will be added to the shopping cart, since the sale of sub-par products keeps greedy companies making more than their worth.

Vaporfi is a fairly strong example of a business built on the customers that know very little about what vape products will benefit them most and what prices on said items are reasonable.

What Is Vaporfi’s Main Product?

The main product sold by Vaporfi is anything vape-related that is branded with their name on it. That is meant to say that they sell e-cigarettes, eGos, mods, as well as herb-related vaporizers.

Anything that a smoker looking for a change could want to try, Vaporfi has a version of it with their name branded on it. They also produce their own e-liquid and cartridges for e-cigarettes, as well as tanks and a variety of atomizers.

Admittedly, their selection is vast and in that respect, impressive, but while the breadth of their inventory is wide, their prices are not competitive and they stock both up to date items, as well as flashes to the past, but with the promo codes and deals listed above, it will be much more reasonable, and they offer continuous discounts and promotions on a weekly basis, and they have excellent policies for customer service.

Vaporfi PRO II PensOn the low-end side, they carry a bunch of eGo starter packs that range in price from $30 to $120, but every starter kit they present can be beaten in quality and sometimes quantity.

Their $120 kit can easily be matched by a similar setup from Aspire for $75, or even a $41 kit from Joyetech. Both of those companies are well-reputed for their quality and their time in the vaping business, so their products are known to work and work well.

Why spend 3 times as much for something that can easily be beaten by a company that holds one of the longest-standing reputations in the market?

Vaporfi’s best eGo starter kit is severely over-priced. Even their “Vapor Hookah” kit is only comparable to Joyetech’s with the addition of an $8 tank (tops), but they sell that for $90 rather than the appropriate $50.

As for their mods, those are some of the most insanely priced mods that can be found anywhere. There are 3 mods that Vaporfi has listed, all of which are priced over $169.99.

Judging by the trend of the eGos, this is a very bad sign. Their $170 mod is 50 watts, sports a 2500-mAh battery and can put out a maximum of 8.5 volts.

The Evic VT 60w by Joyetech can be found selling for $55, firing at a maximum of 60 watts, 8 volts, also has variable wattage, but also features variable temperature, offering modes for different builds (titanium, nickel, or Kanthal wires).

Not to mention, the Evic comes in 3 different color options and has a battery that’s twice the size (5000 mAh). Is $170 worth a product that (yet again) is lesser to a $55 product in quality, capability and reputation of company?

It’s very hard to believe that it’s a good deal. It’s very hard to believe that it’s a serious option, but obviously Vaporfi is so confident in their products that they find it imperative to charge 3 times the price of equivalent (or superior) products.

Many of their tanks are all copies of other well-reputed tanks, but they’re all (big surprise coming up) way over-priced. The same can be said for their total of one 18650 battery. Nothing can be found sold by Vaporfi that is not branded by them, copied off of a better company and sold for 1.5 to 3 times the item’s worth.

It becomes redundant visiting every item and finding that they offer absolutely nothing for what it is actually worth, or even compares nicely to the competition that sells for so much less.

Their juices do provide the option to create one’s own blend, and while they do offer the chance to change propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin percentages, the options are either 70 PG/ VG or 50/50.

For most dedicated vapers, juices higher in PG are rather undesirable and if the choice is provided, will change 70% PG for 30% PG. This serves as an excellent final point of analysis that shows how little Vaporfi’s experience has guided their business and their product development.

Maybe in the future they will abandon copying every successful vape companies’ item designs and create original pieces that are sold for prices within the range of reasonable to insanely close to over-priced, rather than unbelievably over-priced through and through.

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