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WordPress Packages Starting at $3.45/Month

Also comes with a free domain!

About Bluehost: Since 2003

Bluehost has been around longer than most, getting its start in 2003 with Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton. Their firm has sought to lead the pack since then and continues to raise the bar in web hosting delivery and support. Bluehost is based in Orem, Utah where they give their customers everything from hosting to educational articles.

A Better Company

This is what Bluehost aims to be and it has been their goal since the start: giving customers in Utah and around the country a better option when it comes to web hosting. They believe customers should be given access to customizable products which start with the beginner and range all the way up to developers and huge corporations. That is why Bluehost has gone global.

A Bit of History

In 2007, more than half a million domains were registered on That number doubled the following year. Today, that figure is in excess of 2 million but grows daily.

Adding more services to their company didn’t hurt: Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Hosting were followed by Optimized WordPress and Cloud Hosting, the latest big thing.

A small team grew until, in 2016, more than 750 people are employed by Bluehost. This allows the firm to help their customers every day, any hour of the day, so their sites can stay online and operate to their optimal ability.

wordpress-logoThe Wonder of WordPress

Bluehost loves WordPress. They profess an affinity for the site and have partnered with them for about 10 years. Within their team of employees exist numerous experts in just this one subject: how to help customers make the most of this open source website building tool.

They also contribute to Open Source, changing and improving it along with many other WordPress fans worldwide. Some of their engineers only develop WordPress CORE, nothing else. Go ahead and ask your WordPress questions, you’ll make their day.

Better, Not Bigger

Although Bluehost is becoming bigger, they say it’s not about that. Numbers do not matter to them as much as the quality of your online experience.

One of the goals at Bluehost is to ensure the web is safer and to keep out the garbage which gives the internet a bad name. They are fighting spam, porn, and all the junk that makes parents nervous about letting their children use the internet without constant supervision; the yucky aspects that cause websites to crash.

Another of their goals is to improve the etiquette of internet use by modeling respectful behavior on the web and encouraging customers to do the same. Etiquette would include not posting anything obscene and ensuring a site is protected against viruses and malware.

Multiple Web Services

Bluehost is proud to offer VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, WordPress, and Shared hosting options plus many tools. Some of the benefits of signing up with Bluehost include fast download speeds, tight security, and excellent uptime.

Choose a package that is already created along lines that suit you or create your own format, knowing that real professionals are always there to help. These are not off-site, contracted helpline workers who don’t know a thing about web hosting and work off of a script.

Bluehost employs their own experts to support customers 24/7 and to do so effectively. Reach them by phone, email the company, or get Social on one of their many pages like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

Optimized WordPress

Managed WordPress hosting at Bluehost begins at $19.99 per month but can cost up to $49.99 monthly. The lowest price here is a high starting point compared with others, but only because this is a managed service.

Many cheap monthly rates are DIY options which are great for people with some skills; not so great if starting a website, even a user-friendly page on WordPress, makes you nervous. Higher-priced packages come with an SSL certificate which is well worth your while if you are running an e-commerce page or sharing personal information.

WordPress managed hosting is built on the VPS platform which is fast, safe, and reliable. Options include the MOJO Marketplace with scripts and plug-ins for e-commerce. ManageWP allows you to move information between sites.

Controls are designed to work smoothly with WordPress in particular. They also provide security through SiteLock, Advanced CDN, and SiteLock WAF. Clearly, Bluehost is dedicated to the safety of their customers and the clients their customers hope to acquire.


This service is all about e-commerce and is also related to WordPress. WooCommerce allows you to use the WP platform to create a business online; accept orders and credit card details; provide a reliable system that clients will trust again and again.

Since 20% of websites are WordPress sites according to Bluehost, it is no wonder a few thousand of them will be retail pages. Keep it simple with their free site building tools that help someone with no ideas about the internet create an attractive, effective online business page.

Dedicated Hosting

Most web users share a server with a few or a few hundred people. Their needs are small; traffic is low or at least predictable. They don’t need an entire server of their own. Then there are huge businesses with massive amounts of traffic.

They might run for a year (such as election campaign sites) or for the long-term (like big, successful corporations). Either way, there is no way they can crowd onto a server with the traffic they can expect; everyone would crash.

Subscribers to Dedicated Bluehost hosting experience lightning-fast loading speeds with OpenStack, an Open Source programming tool, so they can constantly improve their servers’ performance.

Sign up today and you will be ready to go right away; at least, Bluehost is ready if you are. RAID Storage mirrors all drives to protect data and storage is upgraded as you go along.

Use the cPanel to increase your storage space right now without having to call the support line. Site optimization is at your fingertips. Customers of Dedicated Hosting also receive Root Access so you can control your server 100%. Even with that control, the service levels never diminish. In fact, you pay for more as a client of Dedicated Hosting, so expect the best from Bluehost.


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